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it says to whip the egg white until the are stiff, I never changed tools, I did it in my kitchen aid. Maybe I should of done it by hand?
It wasn't too dry but I wondered about the crisco. It almost looked like I should of rolled it better but I will try more crisco next time. Thank you.
This is just beautiful. Very good. My daughter would love a snow white cake for her birthday, like you I havent used anything but the star tip so you have been an inspiration. Thank you.
Hi all you wonderfully smart cake ladies and gents. I made mm fondant for the first time last Tuesday, and thanks to all of your help I did it correct. My only question about this was when I rolled it out it seemed to have some cracks in it. I was happy with it for my first attempt so I just left it but was wondering should I have added more crisco? I also tried 5 times to make buttercream using the "best ever butter cream recipe" found on this site. In the recipe it...
I just made fondant on Tuesday, Yes the dough hook will work fine!!
How do you make smaller batches if you want more than one color? Hope thats not too dumb of a ?
I used the Wilton choo choo train pan, I just used a cake mix from the grocery store and it held up fine, I used the whole mix. I also used pull n peel twizzlers for the red stripes on the top and to go on the sides. Just an idea, my nephew loved eating the twizzlers also.
Steph - yes I used a loaf pan cake on the bottom, 1/2 of a loaf pan cake up and down for the back and then the ice cream cake roll for the front on top of the loaf cake for the bottom, I had to cut it down but another idea I had was to use cookies w/ ice cream in them like the ice cream sandwiches you can get at the store, I was just worried about how I would keep them hooked together, could use frosting though I guess. I will have to dig out a picture and see if I can...
I am no expert but my nephew wanted this for his birthday also. I used a loaf pan and baked a cake and then got one of those icecream cake rolls for the front. For the wheels I used oreos and for the steam thing I used a little cupcake. It looked ok. I used pull n peel twizzlers for the things that hook the wheels together on the sides, and lines across the top. It did not look exactly like Thomas but he did know right who it was. I even printed a picture of thomas...
Yes I am wondering the same thing, and can I frost the cake first w/ any kind of frosting or will it show thru?
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