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Okay, ladies, How would a 14, 12, 8 inch tier look? (a Wedding cake) I have not been able find a picture of one to get a sense of how it looks. What's your opinion? The bride does not want to keep the top layer. ThanksBonton
Thanks idjitmom and indydebi for helping me out. It makes so much sense to me now, I just could not figure out those charts. Yes I am going to use buttercream between the layers.Bonton
I need help please. I have a request to make a wedding cake to serve150.. i have no idea what size round cake pans to use. I have in my possession, 14 in, 12 in, 10 in, 8 in, and 6 in. do I split the cakes to make 2 layes, or bake 2 layers for each pan. I have stacked a small tier cake using dowels for practice. But now I am totally lost. I am charging $1.75 per slice as this is a friend. The cake will be simple; swiss dots and ribbon. something I am...
do you have any additional information about the food convention? I live 21/2 hours away in Buffalo and relatives living in Cleveland. Would love to go. And /or any information about the contest. thanks.
I have two sheet cakes with buttercream frosting, with lemon and strawberry filling. the cakes are due tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. The cakes are baked, covered and in the fridge. My question: can I frost, fill, and leave the cakes out (covered of course) until I get home to deliver tomorrow. My fridge will not hold 2 frosted sheet cakes. Please help.Thanks Bonton
magentaa23I'm curious about how you use cheesecake as a filling for a cake. I take it you bake a regular cheesecake minus the crust. do you then break it up or make the cheesecake a size to fit in between the layers? How do you get the cheesecake out the pan, flipped onto the cake? If you don't mind, will you share the technique. Thanks[/quote]
I just looked up the faux fondant tutorial, I can not open the pictures either, and just don't understand the process with the "pop tool". Hopefully someone can explain the process or help with the pictures enlargements. Thanks.
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