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Not sure how to word this...but here goes...when baking tier cakes; and to get a decent height between tiers, how many layers are sandwiched together using a filling or frosting, and using 2 inch pans). as an example 14-10-8-2 pan size..Thanksbonton
Thanks Cheatize for sharing the you angle the light at the cake, and any gaps would indicate the cake isn't level?
Thanks, LeahI guess I will be off to Lowe's for one soon. I did check them out online.. to see what it looks like...Bonton
does anyone know how the laser help level cakes...I to have a problem with cakes being lopsided. I have used the towel method to press down on the cake after it comes out of the oven AND I use aflower nail while baking..The cake looks even..So I guessing it must be the icing...I just solved my own dilemma. LOL Any thoughts...I am doing an anniversary cake in June.. ThanksBonton
A customer called based on a referral from someone else. She statedshe had tasted a cake I baked and she "truly" enjoyed the cake, and was interested in me doing a cake for a family venture to serve 200. She doesn't want anything fancy, sheet cakes, with one having a pictureof a family member; edible image. My issue; she wants samples..and should I charge her for the samples. I need feedback as I seem tobe struggling with this. ThanksBonni
Thanks so much for sharing.Bonton
I have a wedding cake for this; Sat. 12:00 noon. all my layers were baked today and are now in the freezer, most of the frosting is done. I will crumb coat tomorrow (Thurs.) afternoon/evening; decorate Fri. afternoon. The layers are 8-10-12-14, simple decoration, diamond impression, cornelli lace and swiss dots.; the bride will provide the topper. So it's the calm before the storm. I tend to get anxious at the last minute, making sure everything is perfect;...
RylanTy and brincess_b thanks you for responding.
I have a wedding cake due Sat. 12:00 noon; 10-12-14 tier. the filling for the one of the tiers will be a strawberry mousse, made with whole milk and strawberry from the bakery sleeve. I plan on crumb coating Thur. with the filling (of course), will the layers be okay to sit out of fridge until Fri.; my plan is to have all decorations completed Fri. night. Your thoughts.thanks.Bonton
Thanks Indydebi for the picture. It looks good.Bonton
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