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has anyone tried the Wilton icing in the tubs, found in cake decorating section of Michaels, Joanns. Cost about $18.00.  Was wondering about taste consistently, etc. and would anyone recommend it. Thanks.   Bonni
Thank you.  Some one else posted a reply sugguested I may have first I thought no, until I broke one open and it was a little wet in the center.  Funny thing though, I inserted a tooth pick in the center and it came out dry...I will try again..As far as opening the oven door, I did open prior to finishing baking to check on them...I will put all this info together for the next red velvet cupcake experience.
Thanks for relying. No I didn't check the box..for expiration date...Total waste.  
Why are my red velvet cupcakes sinking...I use the Duncan Hines red velvet mix...I use milk instead of water.. Any ideas?
Thank you so much for your suggestions.I like the ideas..will go for it.
I will be making 200 cupcakes for a political event this Sat. The theme is a 6th annual Crystal Ball (her first name)..This is a formal affair.I have a Crystal Cascade 6Tier Cake Stand to place the cupcakes on and will use cake plates for the rest..My question, will it appropriate to use the silver foil cupcake liners as opposed to the plain white ones? Also, I am going to do a 6in. carrot cake to be place on the top tier..need suggestion for decoration.. Thanks for your...
Thank you so much. Yes it helps.
How far in advance may I put an edible image on a frosted cake without it "melting". I have a birthday cake due Sat. afternoon, and I want to frost and decorated this evening and put the image on. The image is a picture of a person. A little worried that it may melt into the frosting. The frosting is butter cream. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
I just want to know how does a double layer cake increase the servings?This has puzzled me for a long time.ThanksBonton
I don't think I would. That is a lot of cake and TIME for that amount of money. I did a 25th anniversary cake four tier for 150 people for $375.00. Unless you need the money, tell her to go back to the person that quoted her that price.Bonton
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