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Thank you I will.  In the meantime, I put the bowl in the freezer for 10 minutes, whip it for a minute or two, put in pipping bag and it was good to go.  I will try Earlene Moore's as the way I did was too much trouble.  
How do I get my cream cheese buttercream to firm up to pipe on cupcakes.  I used 2 bricks (8oz) cream cheese and 1 stick of butter, and 2 1/2 pounds of powder sugar already...Any tips. thanks.
Thanks all. I am so excited, this is what I did.  I used the white chocolate disks, I dried dusted the letters, (with a paint brush) using sliver luster dust, they look amazing.  WOW!  
So you just used the plain white ones; then sprayed and/or dusted.
OH WOW! I just picked up the dark chocolate mix with the white.  
Do you mean dark chocolate disks?  I never thought of that. I will pick up some tomorrow.  Good thing my local market sells them in bulk and I able to purchase what I need.  Thanks. will let you know tomorrow.  
As my cake writing is terrible, I use merkins chocolate, and ABC molds.  For my daughter's 40th birthday theme: (Fabulous, Fly, Forty) I need to make the letters sliver or grey.  So  I have used the white chocolate disks and Chef master candy color.  the colors I am getting are a light purple, a dark purple, and a color that doesn't have a name yet.  Any suggestions on how to get sliver/grey.  Thanks.   PS:  The frosting on the cake will be a shade of pink, and the...
You may have found your answer to transporting cupcakes, but this is what I use.  If you go to the produce section of your market and ask for a grape container.  The container holds about 40 cupcakes and they will not get squished. On the bottom place one those skid rubbery things on the bottom.  It works every time..This works if you are taking the cupcakes to set up for an event.  This is a picture of what it looks like.   Hope that helps someone.  
Thanks to all the replies, I will most certainly stick with I know.
Okay, thanks.  I will stick with what I know; homemade butter cream.  
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