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Thanks Lee15
I need to make tiffany blue cookies, etc. Which colors do i mix to get the best results. BTW, in the past, I've seen this question, yet..... can't find the answer. How do you find old post. I did a search using "how to get tiffany blue" and the only articles that came up were people's stories of tupperware, hum......Thanks for anyone's help!!!!
I always find that my square cakes are rounded at the end, humm...... but I was at a fancy cake shop just the other day and the owner was training someone, she pulled out a leveler. I'm going to try that next time. Best of luck!!
Thanks for all this great info!!!
My first one collasped as well. Luckily, it was for my daughter's birthday. In the morning, I decorated cupcakes for her party. Noone ever knew about the cake crash, however, I did learn from it and well, did it again, an voila!!! It was a beauty, so do it again. Best of Luck!!
Me too, and because I'm posting, and an idiot, what is lol?? Thanks!!
Thanks, I would have never known. BTW, you're cake in ACM and posted here is amazing!!!!! So is the one on your latest blog spot!!! You ROCK!!!!! Chantelle
Edna, I always value your advice. Even if you use "waxed" cake boards???? Thanks, Chantelle
Oh Edna, I have my fingers crossed for you. You are so talented not to mention beautiful on the outside and most importantly on the inside!!!! All my best!!! Chantelle
I'm also doing a 4 tier for a friend. Never done this before. Would you really bring it assembled. I was planning on doing it it 2 and 2. Would 4 be ok, i'm scared!! Thanks!!
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