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I baked 3 layers of cake and all 3 have fallen.  They bake up nice and tall in the pan and as they cool the deflate...Is that normal??  They were 2" tall when I took out of the oven and now they are 1" tall.  HELP!  
Thanks to everyone that has replied!  I have improved a lot with practice.  I have found the best thing that worked for me in the beginning was using hershey kisses as a base..what an extra yummy bonus to eating roses ;)  Now I am proficient at making buttercream bases for the roses as well as piping a beautiful rose.  I don't even know why I was so worked up about it ;)    I think it's all a state of mind and if I keep an "I think I can" attitude, wonderful things can...
THANK YOU!!! I opened up the tip on both recipes of icing and they piped roses beautifully!!! All this time and trying to practice and it wasn't me...LOL I was taking a big hit to my confidence. Thanks to all of you that replied. I will check on those lefty tips next time I head to hobby lobby.THANK YOU THANK YOU
I'm feeling pretty ashamed of my lack of skill here...I'm a lefty and have been decorating cakes for over 10 years. I took Wilton course 1 about 6 years ago to try and learn roses. The instructor told me since I was a lefty that I would not be able to do them well. I have tried and tried and they turn out like crap. I have managed to avoid them (I do mostly carved or kiddie cakes anyway) until TODAY. I need 6 measly roses and they all look horrid. No matter what I do...
Can I fully decorate cupcakes with buttercream and then freeze them to keep them fresh? I need them for Sunday but have no time to decorate them on Friday or Saturday. They have buttercream 'grass' all over the tops and I'm worried about how it will thaw out. I used the chocolate WASC.
That sounds wonderful! Is there a recipe on here for that filling?
I am making a key lime cake and can't decide what to fill it with. I don't want overkill on the key lime flavor. The cake is very flavorful. I was thinking swiss meringue buttercream. I have never made it. I was hoping someone who has can tell me if that would be a good complement to the key lime cake.thanks!
I'm working on a Buzz Lightyear cake for my son's 5th birthday party tomorrow. I have used gum paste before but I have never tried to paint it with gel colors. Can anyone tell me if I can cut out my letters and then paint them with the color instead of coloring the paste first? I don't need much of each color and I don't have much gum paste left.Thanks!
Please excuse my ignorance, but are the Cricut Cake cartridges useable in a regular Cricut?
Satin Ice gumpaste doesn't taste too bad. Kind of like those candy cigarettes we ate as kids. I don't want to eat it but the kids seem to like it..LOL
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