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I just finished making my first wedding charm cake! The cake I made was a 3 tier stacked cake. I placed the charms with a ribbon attached on the cake board for the middle tier and placed the cake on top of them. Frosted and applied fondant. I typed out a short description of what each charm meant (to be read as each charm is removed).
Check out the chocolate syrup frosting in the recipe section. It makes a wonderful chocolate filling!
I use it often. It smooths and crusts nicely. You can add more flavoring to it if you like!
The chocolate syrup frosting in the recipe section makes a wonderful filling, also!
Try the chocolate syrup frosting in the recipe section. It's Very good!!
I've had great results with the Pink Champagne Cake posted by discolady in the recipe section here!
I love my KA pasta roller!! Yes, it is very easy to attach and use. You just place it in the little attachment hole on the head of your mixer and tighten the screw. I bought mine at a Bed, Bath and Beyond using one of the 20 or 30 percent coupons they frequently advertise and it was cheaper than any I found on the internet.
I'm not sure which animals you want to make but aine2 has some great tutorials on youtube! I found that mixing a little gumtext powder with my fondant helps the fondant set up better. Polymer clay books are great for instructions in making animals, too!
Yes! I have a doctored cake mix recipe for a butter pound cake that I make all of the time. Sometimes I bake it in the Bunt pan, sometimes in my regular pans. It comes out nicely either way. When I bake it in regular cake pans, I bake it at 325 degrees. It doesn't seem to rise as much as a regular cake would because pound cakes are a more dense type of cake.
What a wonderful idea!!
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