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I keep the plastic on so that condensation doesn't collect on the fondant itself but rather the plastic.
Start eating them left overs because it has to be put in the fridge...sorry.
I'm not sure of the brand name but the machine is a little orange thing with a single knob on the front. It's small and very quiet.
It could be that your fondant is too cold. try zapping it for about 5 seconds and see if that helps with the cracking. If not it could be a simple case of not enough water in it. Try taking a small piece and kneading water into it. Wet your fingers with some water and massage it into the fondant. Hope this helps.
I've kept fondant covered cakes in the fridge (of coarse wrapped in a couple layers of plastic wrap) for 5 days in advance...any more and you may end up with a cake that is starting to dry out.
If it is still warm, you have to let it cool to at least room temp or cooler so that the heavy cream can fluff for you. If it is still sticky, I'd try adding more heavy cream to try and "water it down" a bit. I usually use a ratio of 2:1 white chocolate to heavy cream when I make mine.
I live in a small town in Southeastern New Mexico. I recently stopped taking cake orders in May simply because I was swamped with orders and needed a break. I miss decorating but I don't want to have the dead lines and picky brides to deal with, so, I thought maybe I can teach others the craft of decorating. I don't want to have to get the certificate from any big names to prove I know my stuff- I'm self taught and proud of it. Any ideas on how to go about getting a...
If you use a mix, add one egg, half a cup of sugar and one cup of all purpose flour (all extra on top of box directions) to great for the times when you need a little extra body for the job.
The whitener can change the consistency and flavor of your buttercream (I speak from experience) if you need to use a considerable amount. It's pretty thin so adding too much will soften your buttercream and could give it that bakery red icing flavor too. I've tried to lighten up the color of my all butter buttercream with it but I haven't had any success. I have only been able to lighten the yellow hew by beating air into the buttercream...but of coarse this does add...
Though I've never used it myself, I would use it in place of the milk and flavoring. Add the called for amount of creamer and then tweek the flavor with other extracts if needed.
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