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I'd start them now - even in the low humidity of colorado it takes days for mine to dry. Plus, starting now gives you more time to add/modify
whatcha think? can a pillow cake (like the beautiful purple one in the how-to section) turn out as well in buttercream as it does of fondant? Is it possible to get buttercream to look that nice and smooth on that shape of cake. I LOVE the look of the fondant but am not a fan of the taste.any thoughts/suggestions are welcome! thanks as always.
Nov 1 is right around the corner! can't wait to hear how things progress! (i'm living vicariously *grin*)
How cool it that? First you get honorable mention in a contest, then you get to meet 'the man' himself and on top of that he loves your cake and talks it up! Not bad, not bad Congrats!
HAHA - I just got a kick out of your avatar, aztomcat.... Hilarious
how about grass and/or dirt? I don't know about others but our dog LOVES to roll around in the dirt and grass.... most especially right after he's come back from the groomers.
I just use a plain old circle tip (not sure of the proper term)... think it's around a size 12? large enough to let the filling come out in a relatively short time, not too big so it ruins the top of the cupcake. push it in squeeze and remove. works great!
Bummer! That is quite a ways from where I'll be (Camberely and EdenBridge). If it were closer I'd jet on over to say HI!Sugarshack sounds fun! If I can't manage to get to a shop I think I'll place and order and have them deliver to my hotel! hahaha - my colleagues will wonder even more about me Actually, I might just do that for the heck of it... save time for shopping at Harvey Nicks! (hahahaha, ok, maybe just window shopping... from what I hear it's pretty fancy...
HAHA - that's so funny. I went to visit my grandparents one year and my mom met me there. She also brought an entire set of very nice, heavy pots and pans (and I do mean an ENTIRE set, everyone possible option included) to give to me. Needless to say I had to ship the darn things home. She got such a deal on them though - pennies on the dollar. Good point about the VAT... It definitely spikes the price of things. That's OK though - I think I'm going to splurge a...
I'm not familiar with that one (Razzmatazz)... I LOVE a tad bit of Chambord in champagne... YUM-O!
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