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fooby, sometimes I use a thick straw (but not as thick as bubble tea), cut it to about 2 inches, fill with gumpaste or fondant, and stick the flowers into that. It is food safe and handy when I don't have any flower picks around.
I agree with cupcake, very sound advice, stack some of the tiers so there is minimal work to do at the venue. I have delivered to venues to find other couples present who are thinking of booking at the same place, who want to see it "set up", and if you are at all nervous about doing cake stuff with an audience, you want to minimise your time there. Also there is often no available table to put all your tools/equipment so if you are going to be piping borders etc, bring...
Thank you ozcake, I'm sure yours will come out just as good if not better! My tips are: In hindsight I would use a stronger, less brittle gumpaste for the throat because the two little tendrils are prone to breaking. Use some moth orchid veiners, they make all the difference. PM me if you want to know suppliers in Oz.
I second Shirley's recommendation of Alan Dunn's book. I used it as a starting point when making the moth orchids in my photos; although I didn't follow it exactly in the end, it is a great starting point because Dunn is meticulous about realism and detail. Also try your local library, at mine, there are big books all about orchids. Do post pics of your orchids, I love orchids.
Thanks for your reply. I do use pans with straight sides, my problem is that the diameter of the cake layers differs even when using the same diameter tin. So next time I might try just baking one 3". Do you all find that by the time you torte (into 3 layers) fill and ice, you get a tier that is at least 4"?
For those who bake in 3" tall pans, do you have problems getting large cakes (such as 12", 14") to bake properly, not dome, and so that they are not overcooked on the outside before the inside is done?When baking tall large cakes, have you found it absolutely necessary to use flower nails and/or bake even strips?I was making 4 tiers of cake and it took ages baking 2 layers for each tier, plus also having the problem above of the layers not turning out the same size.
Don't mean to hijack this thread, but Shirley check out They are an Australian company that makes and sells cutters and veiners. The moth orchid and peonies in my gallery were made with their veiners. Their tylose is very reasonably priced too. I'm pretty sure they ship overseas, and when I deal with them they are always very prompt to reply to emails and very helpful.
Thanks for sharing! I was fascinated by this one: do they do those cherubs I wonder.
Just wanted to give you a warm welcome Mickey27. This is a wonderful site and the members are very helpful.
You have to manipulate the top 3 points to tighten the tip, shuffle them around, so that the opening can be totally closed. Then you cut a hole to the appropriate size. It can be done with any paper.
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