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That's what I thought about SCW's videos too! Coming from Australia, I find that sort of thing corny but having heard it a few times, I don't mind it (if just for the amusement). If you read his bio, he has a musical theatre background, so I suppose that never leaves you. It's a bit too new-agey for me but I can overlook that and go just for the flower skill. Can I just bypass both choices and say I prefer Alan Dunn.
I wouldn't imagine there is any difference in construction method between making this cake off-centre or centred. Thanks Shirley for that link. I had seen Lazy_Susan's original cake but not the instructions.
If you have problems, I suggest trying recipes from Australian Womens Weekly publications. They are tested in Australia using Australian measures and ingredients and I have yet to try one of their recipes that didn't come out great first time. For instance, many Cake Bible recipes mightn't work because we don't have cake flour here. As an aside - I am generally against volume measurements, metric or otherwise. I convert all my recipes to weight, which makes scaling a breeze.
Hi Amy,Here are some pics of dogs I've made if you need other ideas. One is a chinese crested, the other a pit bull. The way I make it is similar to the instructions in that photo from CC. Plus I use wire for support.I would suggest using modelling paste (fondant:gumpaste 50:50) instead of fondant, as it dries firmer. Happy modelling and show us your finished doggies!
For the most vivid deep red I would suggest powder red colouring. You will only get a dark pink with the Wiltons.
Re: level layers - provided you lightly score the line levelly around the cake, then place the fishing line into the line, pulling it into the cake as you go so it doesn't slide, then cross the lines and pull slowly, it should be level. I have done this with a 14" and it was level, so I should think it should also work with 16".Have the cake perfectly cool before you do this, or even refrigerated/semi-frozen. The reason for this is that the cake is less likely to break...
I would mark it at the 1" mark all aound with a knife (or can use toothpicks as knoxcop says, then cut with a length of fishing line by looping it around. Perfect every time, fishing line cost $2 from the discount store.
I just went to Wikipedia and it's fixed!
Seems you aren't the only one. On, the first review that appears is titled "Don't waste your money"
I'm from Australia and ... I don't think we even have groundhogs here. Even if we did, it would definitely see it's shadow because it is hot and sunny in February. Perhaps there's a traditional lore for us relating to wombats, they're the closest thing we have to groundhogs, only they're not as cute and like to ram people with their backsides.
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