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On Rose Levy Berenbaum's site she said when preparing her Cake Bible for UK release she tested her recipes with UK ingredients and they didn't turn out properly. She attributed it to the type of flour - there is no cake flour in UK. So even the professionals have difficulties!
I believe a US cup is 225ml whereas Oz cup is 250ml. Their Tablespoons are approx 15ml whereas Oz is 20ml.1 stick butter = 113g
Hi TrinaH,The purpose of floral tape is (a) to attach petals or leaves to the rest of the flower; or (b) to attach one flower to another when making a spray or posy; or (c) I suppose to make the wire appear green like a stem, although this could also be achieved by painting the wire with food colour, dust or using green wire.Using floral tape is not considered a sufficient barrier between the cake and the wire, so it does not mean you can stick the flower directly in the...
Thanks for the info Sparklepop. It sounds like a fun weekend - great food, country air, talking about cakes and sugarcraft - what more could anyone want!! I know someone who goes to the Concord meetings, is that where you go?I have just uploaded my easter show cake to my pics. I went to the show yesterday and had a great time, spent ages looking and taking pics of the cakes, amazing!
Don't worry! I've transported a 3 tier fondant cake, assembled, for much longer than a 5 minute drive, with no problems. Eg, the pink and white moth orchid cake in my pics was transported assembled, with dowels and a central dowel.If you put some royal icing (firm peak) to stick the tiers together 12-24 hours before, you might be able to do without the central dowel if this will stuff up your design, as you are only taking it for a 5 minute drive; as royal icing dries like...
Hi Sparklepop,Sorry I don't know what a brazzilian beauty is, but could you please let me know more about the cake dec seminar, I am interested in going along for some dems!
If you want to make flowers that need a center on a wire, you can use a cocktail stick or a long thin skewer instead, which is safe to insert into the cake. You don't have to wire all flowers. Wire if you plan to arrange them into a spray, or need to wire individual petals for support. You don't need to wire frangipanis, for instance. If you are sticking them on a cake or between tiers, you can just attach them to the cake with royal icing, and there is no reason to put a...
I can't understand people who persist in measuring by volume, scales are the way to go! Makes scaling a recipe so much easier and is much more accurate.My dream scales are: recommends them too.
There's an article in today's Daily Telegraph with a gallery of some of the cakes in the Show:Gallery:,22056,5022245-5010140,00.htmArticle:,22049,21457103-5006009,00.html
Hi Zmama,Interesting thread.Here is a newspaper article I came across on a similar theme. be of interest!
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