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Store the gumpaste in a cardboard box, which helps to absorb the humidity. Humidity after all, is gumpaste's worst enemy (besides ants and cockroaches that is)! If you live in a very humid climate, store the box in a wooden cupboard with some DampRid.
There's also some at Beryl's.
If anyone has tried the narrow edger, I'd be interested to know if it works! The photo looks great, but just wondering if it was actually achieved using the edger.
Cakes have minds of their own - I find that my original idea morphs about a hundred times; up until it is finally made I don't know exactly how it will turn out. But if I were you I wouldn't despair - with experience you will know exactly what you are capable of, and soon you will be able to replicate whatever you wish, or even make something better than the original photo.
I agree; living overseas, the postage is quite high so I need to buy all I need in the one shipment. I get put off buying through CC because they are always out of stock of the things I want.
Sugar Plum Fairy, that extruder looks terrific, and such a bargain compared to the small sugarcraft guns. Let us know how you go with it!!
You don't have to cover the cake to prevent fondant drying out - it is fondant's nature to dry on the top anyway. If you have a large box, you might want to cover it to prevent dust, pests and accidental knocks.Looking forward to seeing the pic of the finished creation!
Hi Chen,If it is stable and stacked, it should be ok if you stack it on Wednesday, with the wedding on Saturday. If it was structurally unsound to begin with however, then leaning is a matter of time, and according to posts on 'Cake Disasters' the collapse usually manifests itself within the same day. If you stack it on Wednesday and it is still ok Thursday and showing no signs of leaning, then I would say it is stable and will be fine.You could pipe a plain rope border...
Me neither! But I suppose if you had a electric drill you could drill the size of the hole/s required.
Kitagrl, the adapter I mentioned above could be used with the smaller (cheaper) clay extruder which does have hair discs. The larger ones I think only do a larger rope, for borders and the like. If you are just making hair to use as hair, you don't need a lot of it and wouldn't need any adapter, just the small extruder like this type which is widely available - Michaels etc. the sugarcraft gun which I've not...
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