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Does anyone know where one can buy metal tools?
You can also add some tylose to fondant/sugarpaste to make a quick gumpaste. Let me know if you want the quantities, I have it somewhere. As for how long it will last: wrapped tightly in double layer of cling wrap, it can be frozen or kept in the fridge for months. Just bring it to room temp before you want to use it. Use crisco lightly to make kneading it easier, and to stop sticking. When making baby crib, don't make the panels too thick otherwise it'll take too long...
This makes me so sad. 50 years is an incredible achievement. I feel the same as fosterscreations, I would have made them an even better cake, for nothing. The couple are probably too nice to kick up a stink; if they had complained they might have gotten another cake, but it makes me mad that nice people sometimes get taken advantage of.
You could have said, in deadly serious tones, "Only if you swear not to tell another living soul, but if you grind up a couple of fairy's legs and add it to the cake batter, it'll do wonders." He will be so weirded out and will probably say "oooo-kaaay, here's your flowers and you'll be on your way then."
hazelnutty, you could contact the Australian National Cake Decorators Association. I'm sure they can tell you more. They hold the National Seminars.
I totally agree Lazy_Susan. Clients often have very pedestrian tastes, bores me to tears. Especially when they want the 'Frankencake': "I want the side design like on this cake, but the flowers arranged like on this other cake ..." . I only get really enthusiastic about cakes I do for competition or gratis for friends and family.
Thanks doescakestoo for the tip!
I was looking on Scott Clark Woolley's site and he has a lot of needle tools., on the end of the friller tool, and also one needle tool by itself.Up till now I was using an el cheapo cocktail stick, but I was wondering if any of you use similar tools like SCW and what can these tools do that a cocktail stick can't?
It is a trade name for CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) which is an alternative gum paste hardening ingredient to gum trag. It can be added to fondant to make a quick modelling paste which dries hard. You can get it from most cake decorating supply stores, including online stores.
That is what I thought too, until I heard someone have their cake disqualified because the judges thought the flowers had been inserted directly into the cake, when in fact a flower pick had been used but just very skillfully disguised. So the flip side is, if a rule is no contact of wire and cake, you might want to ensure the judges can see that a flower pick was used. Personally I think it looks nicer if you can't see the pick.
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