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If you add some glycerine to royal icing, it won't dry hard and crunchy.
You could also do it as royal icing runout; cutting them out of gumpaste as others suggested would probably work too
leta, not glycerine, gelatin! Apparently the paste Dunn uses allows him to wire flowers together before the paste has fully dried. That would be handy.
If you anticipate her questions and prepare your answers, you'll feel much more prepared and less nervous. She will probably want to know: Cost - be able to quote your cost for, say 100 serve cake, 200 serves etc. or have a cost for "basic" cake which covers fondant/bc, border, but anything extra (such as flowers) is charged on top. Have a list of questions that you will ask her : firstly, what date is the wedding, because you might be booked for that day already; how many...
Alan Dunn uses the paste bought from A Piece of Cake Thame (they have a website, UK based shop). leta, when you said his flowers are 'soft', do you mean that his flowers never dry? I love a gumpaste that dries strong without being brittle, and stands up well in humid weather. I used to use the Nic Lodge recipe but found it too brittle, so after my own experimentation, came up with a formula which is strong, white, and nicely soft and stretchy. Still, I wouldn't mind...
I agree with all the other posters. Perhaps the thing about the top tier might have been managed better by a communicating to her early on that the design you envisage is 1 tier only. However, you did say that you were to have carte blanche vis a vis design, but as soon as she mentioned the top tier, it would have been prudent to say there wasn't going to be one unless she paid more. And exactly - pay for 70, get 70 serves. Unless she wants to pay more.
Bizarre : I don't see any business ops here ... these people have already had their wedding cake.
I have also seen very real silk/fabric cymbidiums which look fantastic, and are relatively inexpensive too.
Thanks Shirley!That's the thing about CC - everytime I come on, I find out about something else I just "have" to have. (Fortunately the having of no money keeps things sensibly in check!)
I would so love to get LASIK. I read somewhere that you can only get it if your prescription has remained stable for the past 3 or so years, is that still the case? It would be wonderful to wake up in the morning and be able to see!
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