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Ingredients is listed simply as 'vegetable fat'. Description on the label says 100% vegetable oil ... suitable for roasting, deep frying, pan frying.I'm new to buttercream - never made it before. What criteria do you look for when determining if fat is suitable for making buttercream? I have seen some recipes which use butter - what are the advantages of using shortening?
No, so sorry I can't report back about buttercream. I have used it for cookies (in conjunction with butter). Would be interesting to hear how it goes with buttercream.
There is a product called Frymaster which is vegetable shortening, similar to Trex from UK. You can get it from Coles. It is stored in the same section as Copha.
I hate flash. I am strongly tempted to exit any site which opens with a useless time-wasting flash sequence.I'll just quote Jacob Nielson, useability guru:"About 99% of the time, the presence of Flash on a website constitutes a usability disease. Although there are rare occurrences of good Flash design (it even adds value on occasion), the use of Flash typically lowers usability. In most cases, we would be better off if these multimedia objects were removed.Flash tends to...
I have seen them here
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