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I haven't seen one in Australia, just seen them a lot in photos.Thanks for all your replies, they are most helpful. It seems they are less expensive that I initially thought, so I am hopeful.
Does anyone know where I can find cake stands in similar style to the photo below. I think they are lovely. (Probably expensive though.) They appear to be silvercoated metal. Thanks!
Why not?
To get a response from Disney quickly, you could write in your letter, "I intend to sell cakes which incorporate Disney characters. If you have any problems with me doing this, please let me know."You can be sure you'll get a response quickly, and if you don't, then it's tacit permission to go ahead!
Here is the link to the other cakes by the same decorator, including the descriptions of how each one is iced. you can see, there are a few cakes with the lattice theme and some in buttercream, some in fondant. [/url]
When she said 'lattice' pattern, does this mean the quilted look?There are a few nice designs on this site, including the pic in this link: both tiers quilted might be a bit much, but I think the quilted and striped effect is very pretty. Of course, instead of the carousel you could have the roses.
Sorry karen52, I have not tried making buttercream with it. I don't think it would taste very good tho made with 100% shortening. Hope someone else can help.
No, it's not my kitten alas. I saw it on a site called Kitten Wars. I agree, it's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen, might be a scottish fold.
Welcome to Cake Central butterflykissez. I am new to the boards too and find the advice and support here is invaluable.I recommend paste/gel colours. Wilton make them, and many swear by Americolor although I haven't tried them. Sugarflair (British brand) is good too. Paste colours are very vivid and won't change the consistency of the icing. Simply add a bit of the paste to the finished icing and stir till it is evenly blended. The 'toothpick' method refers to the fact...
Thank you for all your replies and tips, it is most helpful. I just made a Garfield cake similar to one I saw in the gallery. Because I didn't have pudding bowls, I used Texas muffin tins and had to carve it into a rounded semi-circle shape. I was using a serrated knife and sometimes it 'caught' onto a chunk of crumbs and the whole chunk comes out, leaving a bit of a hole in the cake. I wonder if anyone has tried using the 'spackle' method of crumbcoating with crumbs mixed...
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