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LIfe's Sweet
I have been thinking about this also. The risk is that when the cake thaws, it will settle on the icing and create bulges. My guess is that if the cake is a firm one, like madeira, it wouldn't bend much when thawed, but it a softer cake it might. Anyone?
Has anyone tried using it to project designs onto the side of a round cake? Ie, can it be positioned to do this, as well as from the top?
There are a lot of photos in your gallery, how do I tell which cake you are referring to please?
I bought a long wooden rolling pin without handles - absolutely cannot use it to roll fondant, I have to go back to my handled (albeit shorter) one.
I haven't done these, just admired and wondered like a lot of others. But on another site (egullet) I read a post from someone who claims to have it on authority that cakework use edible ink printers to make these.
I think fearlessbaker is referring to this sort of design
If that other cake decorator wants to forfeit a night's sleep and a weekend for $325 (less costs) then good luck to them!
How about using sheet gelatin?
That looks lovely! Very impressive. Can we please see a picture of it from the side also?
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