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Is unbreakable gel edible?
I haven't tried this, but had an idea, would it work to cut a big cardboard circle with a hole in it, wrap in contact, and use that as a fondant lifter?Roll out fondant on counter, put onto the cardboard and lift over cake?
Ganache doesn't need to be refrigerated. Could make either a white choc ganache or caramel ganache.
Has anyone tried making their own piping gel? I have seen a recipe for this (in the CC recipe section and the same also on baking911) which uses gelatine and light corn syrup. I was wondering how the homemade version compares to bought version, and whether I should bother making it or just buying some.TIA!
Just do a google for website backgrounds, there's heaps of free images - already suitably faded for use as a background. It make take a bit of trawling before you find one you like however. I second what littlemissmuffin said about css.
I love the content and your cakes are beautiful.On a technical front, I was just wondering if this site was tested in Firefox, which is the browser I use (and the second most popular browser after Internet Explorer).This is what the Flavors looks like when I view it in my browser:
You can chuck in a sachet of silicon which you can get from photographic stores, or some supermarkets, for absorbing moisture. Be sure to keep out of sunlight as they will fade.
As for the pattern on the cake board, I have seen something similiar in Kerry Vincent's book - she said she used a plastic flourescent light cover.
Thanks emmascakes, that sounds good to me.
How thick should the fondant on the baseboard be? 2-3mm?
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