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Use red powder colour, then when roses made, overdust with deep red petal dust.
Go for it! If anything, it is fun to hang back and not eavesdrop as such, but listen to the comments from the public about your cake. I'm sure your entry, whatever you end up doing, will really stand out. After my last competition entry (which incidentally was also my first time) I swore never again, got zero sleep the night before, leaving things to the last minute, changing my mind, but now I am jotting down ideas for the next one. Best of luck!
Competition cakes are judged on, among other things, technical ability, so obviously if you include harder things like stringwork and extension work, you will get points for this. Having said that, if you try to do something more advanced but do not execute it perfectly, then you will lose points and in that situation it may be worse than if you never attempted it at all. Judges look for flaws and penalise for that, more - depending on the judge - than for awarding for...
Gorgeous cake, your friends must have been overwhelmed yet delighted. Did you put dowels in the middle of the tier? Because this could cause the tilt. I only dowel in a circle. Bit hard to explain, but imagining the cake is a clockface, dowel at, say 12, 3, 6, 9 o'clock (or more depending on the size, evenly spaced) and not in the centre of the clock. Cut all your dowels for the same tier the same height, regardless of whether the tier is perfectly level (but using a...
Just use them as you would petal dust.
Does anyone know what chocolate transfer sheets are made of? Is it some sort of cocoa butter & food colouring paste, which is melted by the chocolate? Or is it just colouring?
Hi Lis,I haven't used the moulds you mention before, but I imagine that lightly greasing them with Crisco would make release easier. As for fondant or gumpaste - use fondant if the finished piece will be entirely stuck to the cake, gumpaste if it is freestanding.
I've tried making it once, and it was an oily brown mess. The cocoa butter (melted) separated from the rest and it was unworkable, I had to throw it out and felt terrible wasting the kilo or so of dark Lindt couverture.It also had a bad mouthfeel - really chewy and unpalatable. I've been put off by it since, but perhaps there is a better way ...
Or stick a straw (filled with fondant) in first, then stick the straw in. Or use cocktail sticks instead of wire.
Apparently adding gum arabic and cream of tartar can make it stronger, though I've not tried this.
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