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How many hours did you spend on it? Multiply this by the amount you consider your time to be worth - at least $20 for skill. Then add up the cost of the ingredients including estimated electricity costs, multiply that by 3. Add that to labour cost. That IMO would be the bottom line.
fronklowes, and others, do you have a particular type or brand of hidden pillar and plate system that you prefer?
You could attach the flowers to the cake with royal icing.
Why not just make a lot of big sheet kitchen cakes, to supplement one more normal sized cake? A normal cake would be more photogenic anyway.
Probably bit too gory, but you could do blood spatters with red piping gel.
There's also this big momma:
Perhaps try baking it for less time.
Some of you have mentioned to beware of the silver ones due to the silver colour coming off. Is this the type which comes off?
That will make a really cute cake.You could make the ring from pastillage (dries very strong, also dries quick so you have to have the template prepared). There's heaps of pastillage recipes on the net. I would make it in sections (thirds perhaps), then attach to the cake when the ring is completely dry (2-3 days). I would make it thinner than it is in the picture, otherwise the weight of it would make it fall. Use shortened dowels or bamboo satay sticks as supports to...
Hi Michele,There is a recipe in Kerry Vincent's book for gelatin glass. Dissolve 1t gelatin in 15ml (cold) water with 2.5ml icing sugar. (I don't know why you'd need the icing sugar so would probably skip that in case it muddied the glass.)Dissolve the gelatin in hot water (just boiled, but not boiling over the stove - you don't want to cook it). PM me if you've any queries.
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