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Just wanted to share a great experience I had, ordering from Global Sugar Art (mentioned in missyek's post above). Order was dispatched on 26th Dec and received in Sydney today!! So quick, I am amazed. This was my first order from them. Prior to that, I had peppered them with questions and they were always very prompt with answering. Prices better than other US supplies too. I ordered a heap of cute little cutters and Wilton hollow dowels which cost a bomb in Australia.
In my notes, it says 2.5ml (0.5tsp) to royal icing made with 1 egg white and around 200g icing sugar. Let us know how it goes!
Apparently adding gum arabic to royal icing will strengthen it. Anyone tried this?
I wrap dummies in saran wrap first, makes it really easy to remove the fondant later.
If you can get hold of Ruth Levy Berenbaum's Bread Bible, it is fantastic. Here is a link to a pic of a loaf I made from that book.
I understood that confectioner's glaze needs cleanup with alcohol, so imagine it is not just sugar and water.
How about making it as a royal icing runout, tracing over a rainbow template?
The problem could be the recipe and not you.
Stephen Benison has a good book called Sugarcraft Modelling.
Just the thing for people with baby-eating fantasies!
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