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Yes! I think I have a photo. Was the top tier mounted on a wine glass? That is a lovely cake, congratulations! The sprays are so well wired. I find wiring flowers together a pain. Did you find the judges comments a little weird? It was the first comp I'd entered so I don't know if they are usually like that. I don't know if I will enter Challenge next year, I was never so exhausted as I was on the night before the last Challenge, I got zero sleep the night before.
Sparkletop, what a coincidence! Which cake was yours? I took quite a few photos so I will go back and have a look.
Thanks Tish! I love your cakes too, especially the Elmo cake, I have a friend who would love one like that.LiliS, here is the reply I got from Faye:"I run classes from April to August each year, so I only have one more class which is already full. I can put you on the distribution list for next year. Please let me know if you have any particular classes you would like to attend, so I can schedule in subjects that there is a strong demand for, attaching a flyer from this...
Sheet gelatin. Just cut to shape and stick with some gum glue.
Hi there,Another Aussie here! I haven't been on CC for a while, and have just come across this thread, it's great there are so many of us on CC!For those you wanted to do Planet Cake classes but found them too $$$ I've heard that Faye Cahill holds classes too and are much more reasonably priced. Her studio is in Dulwich Hill (Sydney) or around that area. She used to be the owner of Planet Cake and does really gorgeous work. She holds classes in the less busy season (ie...
Perhaps you need a Texas muffin pan? They are the largest cupcake size I know of. Can't help with a recipe sorry - what is the pudding box?
I agree with nicolevoorhout, my friend who has tried fondx isn't impressed by it at all and said it went a funny colour after a short time.
I bought a box of the Anchor Cake Flour last week and tested it with Toba Garrett's yellow cake recipe which I'd made several times before, variously with standard homebrand plain flour and with bleached flour. I didn't notice any difference using the cake flour, if anything, the cake was not as tender as usual. So I would save my money in future, at $3/kg it ain't cheap.
Hi TexasSugar,Great questions!Dust adheres better to damp paste. It hardly adheres at all to dry paste; hence need to steaming/re-dusting if done on dry paste.Just a little wire - it is less visible in thin petals. This is what I prefer. Sticking petals in all the way - more support for heavy petals, but will show through if paste is thin. Visible wires in flowers loses points in competition work.Pro - Petals can fit together nicely and the finished flower looks more...
I find that if you remove the cupcakes from the tin immediately it comes out of the oven, the liners stay on, even after frozen and thawed.
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