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Check out the cupcakes in the second last post, nice and domed... They are Rose Levy Beranbaum's German Chocolate Cake.There is also a theory that leaving the batter for around 20 mins in the cups before baking helps to make a domed cupcake.
Try using royal of firmish peak consistency, easier to do stencils on a square cake instead of round, and secure stencil firmly to cake sides.
I'd say a touch of red red and some white to lighten it a bit.
If you are happy to go to the extra effort, the thinnest, most delicate look is to pipe them with a fine tip in royal icing, then when they are dry, brush with lustre dust or some other sparkly dust (like Edable Art Disco Glitters for a real lovely sparkle).
Yes, use 8 in the 14 and 6 in the 12 inch.I have used bubble tea straws to successfully support 2 tiers above of fondant covered fruitcake.
Nicholas Lodge and Norma Laver both have written books about stringwork. They are not recent, but you could ask your library to help. I use dummy cakes for stringwork and extension. If the cake is to be upsidedown, let the fondant dry for at least a week - preferably 2 - before turning it upside down. That is why it's not a good idea to use real cake for this sort of thing. It is important to get your royal icing right; too much air and the strings will be weak and...
Hi HOney_Cakes,It is a cake competition organised by the Cake decorators Guild of NSW and is held every second year, at the Stitches and Craft Show at Rosehill. It is on again next year.
I sympathise totally! The cakes I enjoy making the most are those for friends and family, who trust my taste and say "do whatever". Of course it helps to have something to go on, like a colour or a theme, but the thought of having to spend hours on an uninspiring cake is depressing. I think you need to be inspired and enthusiastic about a cake to give it 'magic'. Or at least, it helps anyway.
Hexagons easier than square, about the same as round. But square is nothing that you can't master with a few practice goes. Don't roll the fondant too big, and smooth by sweeping from the bottom, in upwards motion.
I would definitely go to see the cakes at Challenge even if I didn't enter, so we could meet in any case, that would indeed be fun! I agree that it was a huge learning experience, not only from making my entry but from looking at all the other cakes. I'll see if I get inspired by the schedule.
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