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i have two sperate cakes for this weekend do not have on clue how to do either of them any suggestions??????? one is transformers and the other is tinkerbell
is there a way to transfer a picture on to a cake????? i do not want an ediable image i just want to transfer the picture for piping....any help would be apreciated thanks.
i need to to a pirates of the caribbean/ skulls cake. i once saw this 3-D pirate ship but don't know how to do it. anyone have any ideas thanks.
well i am pretty sure this link could help you Go under articles here at CakeCentral and they have pretty good ideas there.I know wilton has a book that is sold at michels and it is titiled decorating basics and it has pink cake on the cover[img] The Wilton School - Decorating Cakes here is the title [/img]
thanks so mcuh i ordered one!
Thank you so much! but i have not found the new ribbon pans maybe so you think they would have them online?
A relative of mine is being deployed to Iraq and i wanted to give her a great lokking cake since we both took the wilton classes together,any ideas or sugesstons please help
thanks it helped
thank you all so much it has really helped me out a lot. i was really thinking of doing the stencils. do they work?
thanks it kinda helped
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