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Same as what leslie said....I only use the red and black for accent pieces....soooo hard to roll out and cover a whole cake.If I need a cake to be all black or all red, I cover it in white Satin Ice (which i love) and then airbrush.I have used Fondarific for accents pieces as well but have not covered a whole cake.That stuff tastes awesome
Remember....most horse poo is green....cuz they eat grass and alfalfa hay....which is green how do I make this? Ya know like the one Bronwen uses to make her clown or Santa?With the legs and then the plate...and then a body and the arms....anyone have any ideas of how to do this and what the pieces are made of?PVC maybe...but then how does she move the arms around?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sweetex
I wouldn't take a dusty, dirty container as the product being bad.Store rooms are not the cleanest can usually tell if its bad if the product looks a bit gets kind of a clear look to it...not a solid white.I have a 50 lb box....they usually last me a year, maybe a little longer...
I use fondant AND eat fondant...but NOT Wilton.Satin Ice, FondX, Chocopan...these are all very edible AND yes, you can cut thru them.Fondarific is also a very edible and cut-able product.
Yes, I long as you use hi ratio (sweetex) all your icings will be fluffy.I LOVE the stuff.
Ladybird the dog from King of the Hill?
6 cups conf. sugar1/8 tsp salt1 tsp vanillaAdd one cup of boiling waterwhip untill smoothLet this cool(I put the bowl in the fridge to speed up the process)3 cups hi ratio shortening (I use sweetex, the recipe says you can use regular but I have never gotten the same results)1 and 1/2 sticks of butter, chilledOnce you get all the shortening and butter added, you need to whip this for about 15 to 20 minutes...the icing will double in volume, filling a 5qt mixing bowlI love...
Whimsical Bakehouse butter cream is da bombEVERYONE loves it....its light and airy, kind of whipped feeling to it
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