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I think there is a forum posted here about fondant on top of buttercream. I think they're maybe the same? not sure though. I'll check....I am so sorry I was wrong.. it was royal icing plaque over BC... I am sure somebody would be able to help you. I'll be watching this topic as I am interested to know.
hi, your cakes are very pretty!!!!! What kind of fondant are you using? and how do you made them tasty? I have read from a forum from this site that plain/regular fondant icing is not delicious, so they prefer Marshmallow fondant which is much palatable. Good luck on all your cake competitions!
let me ask this stupid question.... MMF stands for??? all i know is it's made of marshmallows, flavoring, powedered sugar,etc.. Is this simillar to marzipan? How do you differentiate MMF from chocolate paste? Sorry new to cake decorating, just learned from reading food magazines and in this site.
hope these will help..... The book is Chocolate Paste Cakes by Adrian Westrope & Dan Tabor. Published by Merehurst Limited.
I have a book that has the frills you're talking about but the book uses the chocolate paste. The authors are Adrian westrope & Dan Tabor. I have made snapshots of the picture on the book from my camera phone. let me figure out first how to upload the photos.
I just love this site!!!!!I don't have one for now, I am still saving........May I ask where KA has been manufactured? just curious. Reading the thread, It actually survived for 2 to 3 decades..very durable! and with its price, it sure is worth it. Not to mention the pleasure it brings to it's owners . Do the manufacturer sell spare parts? like paddle, bowl, whisk?
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