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People tell me that my cake pricing is high. Sorry!!!I tell them that my cakes and icing is made fresh. I do not freeze my cakes like most bakeries in my area. And, if they do not like my pricing they could go elsewhere. I put my pride into my cakes and I do not care what people say about my pricing. I put to much time into my cakes to give them away.
It really looks great.
What about Caramel pecan filling. This is one of my most popular filling.
winjobit77 were do you live in Louisiana. I live in the southern part of Louisiana.
I never put my cakes in the refrigerator or freezer. I bake the same day I ice them. Maybe my icing is not completely at room temp. Next cake I will take the icing out the day before.For the air bubbles in the whole batch of icing. I was told that if you mix it at a high speed it will make air holes in it. Try mixing it at a lower speed it mya help.Thank you all for the information it is very helpful
Bump. Someone please help me
How do I stop the bubble forming under my icing. I'll ice my cake and later that day of the next day I find a bubble on the side of my cake. I thought it was my icing so I changed from half crisco and half butter to all crisco. And, it still happened to me on the last two cakes. Could someone please help me with this problem. I have been having alot of orders for out and I do not want to damage my reputation.Thank You
It kind of looks like a cows head.
The cake came out great. You should not worry and get over your fears.
I think it is cute. I would not add the luster dust. Your images came out great.
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