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Hmmm, looks like RI "spackling" and fondant ruffles to me but the photo loses a lot when I enlarged it.
Depending on the size of cake you are making I'd use the small Wilton ball pan or perhaps a small Pryex bowl both with a bit of carving. Remember to use a cake nail or hearing core.
I would not do that.… your money and buy a good variable 0-20 psi airbrush or in the long run you will be disappointed with a cheapie on this tool.
It worked and IMHO so much better than an all blue cake.     - thanks so much everyone.
Thank you so much Laetia! I tried the Hombre technique but hated it and scraped it off.  It was just too busy. I worked the frosting and cake so much that now I am re-baking them  Gonna try YumaCouture Cakes "Spackling" style next.
I am figuring all the other cakes will be blue. Such an odd overall color for a cake - IMHO. I remember when I was just starting out in cake decorating that Blue Roses were highly frowned upon. Now I know all those rules no longer exist, but I still am old fashioned.And I would like my cake to stand out from the rest.   Oh my Scrumdiddlycakes those cakes are gorgeous! I am sitting here trying to figure out just how to accomplish this without pulling off all the icing of...
Hello everyone:   I am submitting a cake to the state fair. It has to be a "water feature"? Otherwise the decoration style is open. I have a light pink lotus, two green lily pads, a lovely light blue damselfly with gelatin wings for the top. Sea grass and gray/blue candy rocks for the bottom. It is an two-layer 8" cake on a 10" board following their rules.   Here is my issue……I especially hate the idea of blue icing for water mixed into buttercream. I would rather have...
Those teeny, tiny pearls would kill me, too much tweezer time. I'd opt out for a bow with a bity flower on her head........
Sounds like everything worked out as your SIL was happy with the outcome.Next time you can think about writing a review of the company on Google. - Just saying.
KayMc wrote: Me too
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