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I just used the walmart brand marshmallows for the first time and while kneading it found those little plastic like balls in it too. I kept pulling them out wondering what the heck they were. Now I know it's the marshmallows. I personally prefer the campfire brand, but have used a lot of different brands and besides the walmart brand never had any trouble with my mmf.
Thanks for the help! I will try the crisco on the edges and see if that helps, if not I will just keep trying until I get it! Definitely going to invest in the contoured dummies.
I still haven't been able to cover a styro dummy yet, I sanded down the edges to get them smooth and my fondant still rips around the edge before I can even get the sides on . I've tried using different types of fondant (homemade and purchased) with the same result. I have no clue what I'm doing!!
As far as them using each his own. They are going to do what works for them, and it's working! I just wish they would show more actual "cake" in the show, not just all the "fake cake showpieces". And companies are definitely going to choose the most well known right now to display their logo, no matter how far away they's all business. IMHOI still enjoy watching the show!
I have tried big and mini ones, jet puffed and store brands, didn't really make a difference for me. But I was curious why jet puffed was on the not to use list. It might depend on the recipe you are using also.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your cakes have been such inspiration to so many of us here. You deserve it!
Thanks SHenyd,I ended up just using dowels, but next time I would have made the top head styrofoam instead of cake. This one was my first ever 3D cake, I learned alot!
That's great! I'll have to remember that.
I use lemon extract to mix it with, just take your time and try not to push too hard when you paint it on.
Sometimes water doesn't work for me either, you could try a tiny amount of piping gel. That usually works for me. Hope that helps.
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