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I agree with you totally. It takes way more colouring to make MBC dark than you have to use in ABC. There's only one place all that colouring ends up - dyeing your mouth a lovely shade of whatever colour you used (not to mention other bodily functions). I refuse to make MBC a dark colour. Fondant only or ABC.
Agree, meringue buttercream is the way to go!
Ewww, just ewwwww. I think I'll stick with my non-chemical, real food icing and work harder with it . To the OP, I've used ganache under my fondant exclusively for years now, and those bulges are a thing of the dim & distant past, regardless of what the filling is.
Seriously?! Your time & talent is worth less if you are a hobbyist? SMDH, I give up. 
 Ain't that the truth! 
I use it on virtually every cake I make (except maybe wedding cakes), and have done so for about 6 years. Never had any problems. But then I also use & eat dragees too !
Ebay. Lots of sellers with great beans at great prices. I make my own extract and that's where I get my beans from.
You can also brush the top of the cupcake with simple syrup for extra moisture before decorating.
If you are talking liquid colours, then no. You should use gels for best results. HTH.
LOVE Americolor, the red and black cannot be beaten (no icky taste as they are so concentrated you don't need to use loads). Take a look at my photos, it's all Americolor, I have been using it for several years.
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