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Laurie that is really cool. your cake is awesome. i couldn't get my picture to resize so i stuck it in my photos. i check two different grocery stores and they both charged $10.00 for the images here.
I got it from the grocery store (winn dixie). I just brought in a copy of the picture I wanted and they printed it up. I did have to make sure though that the picture didn't have a copyright on it.
well i did it and it wasn't hard at all. my little girl absolutely loved it. I can't wait to do another one lol
thank you so much for the advise Diane, I will be doing the cake tomorrow. Laurie, not a problem.
yes i am going to buy it and i will be using b/cream. so basically you just peal it off and stick it on the cake. thanks for your help. i think i will be able to do this now.
my little girl wants a cheetah girl cake this year so I was just wondering if the edible image was hard to put on. if anyone has any advise for me about this i sure would appreciate it.
wow you did a really great job
wow that is an awesome cake. congratulations on such a wonderful job
oh my gosh that is hilarious
oh my gosh that is a cool cake, you did a great job
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