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When I click on the link I get this error message:This function is for members only, please join. Does anybody else get the same message?Joe
That cake rocks! I wish she had a closer images of the rats. That woukld be cool to animate and surprise someone! Joe
I am from Michigan!!! The only state where you hold up your right hand and ta-da, you have a map!! Joe
Great idea! I can't wait till its done! I've been wanting to try it but have been a little apprenhensive about it.Joe
Great Job! If she keeps it up, by the time she turns 18, a lot of people in your area will be out of a job. The guy I learned cake decorating from started decorating cakes when he was 10. He now owns his own store and teaches several classes a year.Joe
just bumping for those who have not seen this recipe or has a crusting version of it.Joe
Same to you!!!! And to everybody reading this thread!!!!
Hi Blue!I decorated 2 cakes with it. It pipes really smooth, it's easy to work with. I'll be posting the pics soon!Joe
Hi Everybody!!!!I will be posting my baby shower cake I did for my cousin as soon as I get the film developed. My Aunt gave me her buttercream recipe she used when she used to decorate cakes in the late 70's. I'd thought I'd share it everybody. The flavor is incredible! BUT! the only down side is it does NOT crust. It also stays shiny and looks almost like fondant.Buttercream 1 cup granulated sugar 1 cup butter Cream well, add: 2/3 cup warm milk Beat...
Hi Gina,I found this site: have a lot of aprons.Joe
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