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I agree with MissBaritone. That would make it very grown up and elegant. Instead of whipped cream, you could make it into a ding dong cake. Here's a recipe I found :4 tablespoons flour 1 cup milk 1 cup sugar 1 cup Crisco 2 teaspoons vanilla 1 chocolate cake, 2-layer cook milk and flour untill thick and cool. beat sugar and crisco 4 minutes. add vanilla and beat 2 min more. spread between cake layer (all of it). then frost it with your favorite frosting and...
I have a tendency to anaylis cakes as I eat them. For the most part I can pick out the ingredients. So, I do eat cake! I EAT CAKE!!!!!!!! (bwa-ha-ha) Sorry got wrapped up in the moment!
Where's the recipe for it? I tried searching for it but maybe I missed it. It sounds really good.Joe
Overall, how hard was it? I will be making one or more next year and just want an idea. Oh btw, since Kandi is on vacation in MY state (the other side of it ) she's kinda busy so if anyone wants the directions for it, shoot me a PM. She's the one who originally posted the instructions for the deer head cake. Joe
Hi Everybody!!!I've received a few requests for how I make my own vanilla extract. Which is cool, I enjoy helping whenever/whereever I can!! I posted the recipe a while back and here's a link: my opinion, I can tatse the difference between real and imitation. I can actually tatse the difference between the stuff I make and what most companies call "real" extract, which is water sugar, alcohol, and vanilla...
That's one of the reasons I make my own. I know exactly what goes in it! Plus I find it a lot cheaper!!! Joe
I make my own extract and you can taste the difference. I use it for baking and I always shake the bottle before hand to stir up all the tiny bean seeds?, I guess that's what they are. It tases nasty by itself, but is awesome in baking. I use clear vanilla in my frosting. Joe
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom of 4 WOW! we have one and sometimes she's 5 too many! Joe
I like buttercream but I agree with Tina, I find it difficult to smooth. I like working with fondant. I will be trying MMF soon.Joe
The best way I've found is to use a double boiler to melt the candy melts. I've always used the colored melts so coloring them is not my speciality. After I pour the candy I look at from the bottom up and look for any air bubbles. If I find them, which I almost always do. I stir the area with a toothpick to "free" the bubble. Joe
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