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My sister found me a 3 tier cake stand at a thrift store for $1 It is missing the tiers but that's no biggie. I FOUND a lamb cake pan in the trash once when I was cleaning out my car at a car wash. Joe
Hello!!I just emailed it to the above emails and decided to post it for those that don't have it but want it! Dream Whip Icing2lbs or 1 kg bag of confectioners sugar 1 pkg dream whip 2 cups crisco shortening 1/2 cup boiling water 1/2 tsp salt 2 tsp clear vanilla flavouring 1 Tbsp clear corn syrup 2 Tbsp to ΒΌ cup flourWhip up till fluffy. No need for refrigeration but it is fine in the fridge as well. Tastes great, not so sweet and crusts well. I have tried so many and...
Hi Vie!I've made the Dream Whip frosting several times and it does crust well. I've never tried to smooth it after it's crusted but from what I've seen, I think it could be smoothed AC (after crust)Joe
Thank God your ok, Cheryl!!!!! I am so relieved to hear that!!!! Joe
When my daughter was 2, she was happy with a dab of icing on the finger. Now six months later, daddy has a helper in the kitchen. She LOVES helping daddy cook. She stands on her stool and I hand her the (dry) ingredients to put in. Then I turn it on and tell her what to look for and point things out. Then she runs to mom and excitedly tells her what she made. I've been busy working on my house all summer and the cake decorating went on hold for a bit. It's gonna be...
I recommend putting them under a fan. Joe
Very cute! Well done for your first attempt. You'll find that the more you do, the better you will become. I recommend saving the pic of your first cake and comparing it to your fifth cake. That way you can tell how much better you become. I did that with my third and I can see a MAJOR difference. Even when you compare with your second cake you will see marked improvement. Joe
Can you put attachments on it? One of these days, I want to upgrade my KA. This one looks pretty good.Joe
Since I'm a husband, does that mean I get a wife "upgrade" to clean up after me? Joe
Welcome back, Kandi!!! How was Michigan? While you were gone I made a quick post and was the unofficial keeper of the deer cake instructions!! So, if anybody needs them, Flay or myself can send them!! Joe
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