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What recipe did you use?Joe
Sticking up for the husband, I say decorate the cake and be happy that your making your husband happy! Now, I gotta say this quick as I can hear a sea of cake decorating women walking up to my house with pitchforks, torches, and buttercream frosting. Seriously, how often does he ask you to decorate a cake? If it's a once-in-a-while thing, I say do it. If he asks you once a month, then I'd charge him. I would make him clean up after you either way. Joe
To start with, I recommend using the pre-made fondant in a box. Not sure if I can say the "W" word or not. I've used it and it was a lot of fun. I have not made fondant yet but plan too in the short future. The box stuff, IMHO, does not have a good flavor. Home-made has a creamier texture and a lot smoother, taste-wise. But for experimenting, I recommend the pre-made box variety. You can mess with it a lot quicker. Hoe-made takes about 24 to get to the "play" stage.Hope it...
I am the worst when it comes to my cakes. All I see is what I did wrong. But when the party starts, nobody notices. At first it shocked me but then when I stepped back and looked at it, it looked pretty good. Joe
How about a round cake with basketweave sides and a rope border top and bottom. Then sprinkle pecans and other assorted nuts on top. I'd leave room to put, "Happy Birthday you old Nutt" on it. Joe
Hi Everybody!Does anybody remember a website where this guy made animated cakes. I remember a ladybug on a stick circleing above a cake and a little mermaid with an animated background. I know we dicussed the site here but for the life of me, I can't find it. A friend of mine at work is getting back into cake decorating and I wanted to show her the site. Joe
I like Sugar Mama the best! So will the hubby when you start making a fortune. I saw your cakes and they're great!Joe
Here's a recipe I got from my aunt. NO shortning and it tastes great! It does not crust and unless you can find butter w/o yellow dye added, it will have muted colors to it. Also, it's harder to work with as compared to regular buttercream. But it does taste great!1 cup granulated sugar1 cup butterCream well, add:2/3 cup warm milkBeat until sugar is completely dissolved and of spreading consistency.Add clear vanilla to taste.Joe
I agree. The cake dosen't look right. It looks like they ran out of time and just threw it together.JoeMaybe her comment was a post wedding comment. Sorry, I'm so bad!!
It sounds like your icing is too thick. Try thinning it down a little bit. Joe
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