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Thank you saraek. I found the liners I want to use and will be ordering from them. I like their prices. :)   Joe
Hi Everyone!   Wow, it's been so long since I posted. I have a question, does anybody know of a cheap source for grease free cupcake liners and storage boxes. I'm looking to stock up and I've not found anything worth getting excited over.   Thanks, Joe 
Which pan do you have? The newer Wilton one of the older pan with the pointy ears? The older one would work better. I have instructions for making a mounted deer head cake. PM me if you want it. Joe
All you need is some flour, sugar, fondant, servos, gears, and a little lifespark (saw the movie one too many times) and there ya go!Seriously, I like the Optimus Prime (semi) cake idea. JoeTransform and eat cake!
Hi NTD and mommicakes!Thank you for the great suggestions!!My wife recommended almost the same thing as your cake (igloo). We were also thinking of making a snowman holding a "Happy Birthday" sign. Joep.s. beautiful cake!!!!
I like the way they look too! But I wonder how hard they are to remove.Joe
It said the pic does not exist. Joe
thanks for posting! I can't wait to try it!! Joe
You could have the rat checked for rabies, not sure what that would cost. That would save your dog from the pains of rabies shots. Even though I live in the city (we have racoons and skunks in our neighborhood) I store all my bulk ingredients in large plastic tubs. I would speak with your vet to be on the safe side.Joe
I always keep mine simple. My 3.75 year old daughter is showing a strong interest in baking. She LOVES to help and be the "sprinkle girl" She also likes using the cookie cutter but you gotta keep an eye on your fingers. Joe
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