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hey knoxcop if you want to look at my pictures and look at the platypus and you like it, i will explain what i used to make it and it is along the same body shape as a possum.
i would say $100 isnt too much to ask for that. i know it took you a long time to do that. especially with the mmf you would need to ask more. not knowing the area of which you live either you might be able to get more out of it.
if i was you i would use a loaf pan maybe and then put it on top of another cake. use the loaf pan as the body (carve it out a little) of the 4-wheeler and the other cake as a mud pit. use chocolate donuts as the tires and if you have to cut them a little do it to make it look like it is stuck in mud. use the big icing tip and make the icing go on thick to the cake so you dont get crumbs in your icing. for the handle bars i would use either fondant and shape them and...
the recipe that i use for icing i got from a family friend that use to do cakes. she always added salt to hers to cut down the sweetness and i have tried it with and without and it does cut it back a little. everyone that tries my icing says that it isnt too sweet at all. hope this helps you a little.
i cant help you any but here is a helpful bump cause i love caramel and would love to try it also.
sorry about that. you might want to also check your oven settings. make sure that the oven selector is on bake and not on broil. you have the temperature right but sounds like something else might be wrong. and check your oven rack, your cake might be to close to the heating element. hope this one helps.
that is what i think the problem is also. the ready made pudding is adding to much moisture to it and keeping it from baking. i use one packet of instant pudding per cake mix box. my cakes have been turning out great using that method. i also add a little bit more oil. where the recipe calls for 1/3 cup i use 1/2. everyone says they are so moist and good. i have baked several cakes and taken them into work and this method is everyones favorite. not to mention with...
i used the small oval that you get in course 2 kit for the base and then half of a small egg shape on top of that. the rest was cut from other little cakes. fondant beak and paws. i live in a rural area and it would be hard to get more than what i got out of it. alot of people told me i wouldnt get $60 for it and i told them that she could go somewhere else then cause i wasnt giving it away. thanks alot everyone for your advice.
does anyone have her website cause i would like it also.
thank you fearless. i ended up charging $60 for it. the lady was very pleased and said she didnt care what it cost. there was no price just for her to see the expression on her husbands face.
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