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If you use frozen berries, for a normal 9-10 inch round cake, I normally use one 8 oz package of berries. I sometimes have a little left over but not much. I also torte all my cakes so there is an extra layer of filling in mine with this amount. Hope this helps. Barbydoll
I work for HSN and we are launching a VERY exciting cricut machine today on It will be today's special tomorrow so if you want to see the demo, start watching at midnight tonight. Here is the link to pre-order.*CricutTSPresale*backgroundCan't wait to get mine!! Barbydoll
I wouldn't add a raw egg. I add thinned out icing, simple syrup or liquor to bind the cake (or a combo of actually). It maybe that your chocolate is too thick. Like the previous poster, I add a touch of shortening to the chocolate right after melting to make it smooth and more workable. Freeze the cake balls first and it helps as well. I do a quick tap, tap upon dipping. If they still are a bit lumpy, I usually will melt chocolate with some color and then drizzle over...
yes, you can buy them pretty reasonably on line or at Sam's club if you have one in your area. Sometimes you can order them cheaper than you can make them. Especially if you have to buy all the supplies to make them up front. Can't wait to see the finished cake though.
WOW! My Albertson's has them for 88 cents and I thought that was great. Off to Aldi's this weekend I go. Thanks for the tip. Barb
Gaye G- I usually let it bubble a good 10 min. Just like any good rue, the longer the boil, the thicker it becomes. You could also try cutting the sugar back by about 1/4 cup and adding some kayro syrup to help thicken it up. Barb
I make mine from frozen strawberries. Large pot, add frozen strawberries 2 tablespoons corn starch, a cup of sugar and about 1/4 of water. Bring to a boil. You can either mash the strawberries down or leave them especially if you get the sliced frozen strawberries. Everyone I have made it for says it's the best strawberry filling they have ever had. I think it's pretty darn yummy. I don't like the sleeve filling. It tastes very commercial to me so I make my own. ...
cake balls, cake balls, cake balls...
You'll need to put a heating core or a clean flower nail in the center of the batter for even cooking too. If not the sides of that size cake will cook before the middle and you'll have raw cake in the center. I'd dowl it to help support it if I were you. There are stacking instructions in the forums here (search on them) and on Wilton's web site.I'd also put a cake board between each tier. Hope it works out. Barb
Sorry it didn't work out. She wants WAY too much for that stuff. She should have been asking no more than 2-3 bucks per pan. You can get used bakeware cheapier at auctions etc. She should have also given you an inventory over the phone so you could determine if it was exactly what you needed/wanted. Maybe next time it'll work out ok.
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