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Does anyone know if they are going to get back to everyone one way or another? Just curious
aww man... I have been on vacation and just heard about this! I hope they are still looking, this would be so much fun! Here's hoping.... out goes my email!
I free hand mine now... but the first time I used the pinprick method... go an image from google and blew it up, printed it and then pricked it onto the surface of the cake with a needle tool. Go over with royal icing (mine is a 2, 1.5 and 1 tips) and voila! The bag is called the daydreamer and it has a couple of different logos to choose from (heart, dogs, crown and the coat of arms).
I always tell my girls to low ball their guest count when I quote them a price, since it is usually about 6 months out. I also say that if when they get there RSVP's in they will be having more people than expected, they can always add to the serving of the cake (all these changes must be made 2 weeks before the wedding). usually guess right on their rsvp's, so they are happier... and every now and again, I get a little bonus (in my experience, the budget goes out the...
What is the best way to attach flowers with out sticking wires in the cake? I use styrofoam spheres for toppers in the real world, would that be ok in a competition? how about on the sides of cakes? Thanks!kaysie
Does anyone have the instructions on how to make a bearded iris? I bought the cutters, but nothing came with them! Is it similar to a dutch iris? Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!Kaysie
I use a very similar recipe for chocolate cake and use to have the falling in the center, brainy mess as well. I tweaked it a bit, and haven't ha any problems since. I cut the water down to one cup. Use a wisk on your mixer. I whip my eggs until they have tripled in volume(5 min), then slowly add the sugar and whip until its very light and fluffy (similar to a butter cake). Then add the dry (minus the sugar of course) atlernating with the wet until combined. I bump my...
I am so there! Who's going to make cake for the pot luck?????
We all tried o meet up at one time... I would love to have a monthly meetup to talk cake with actual cake people instead of my hubby (he just stares at me like I am crazy!) We should do lunch or brunch or something Kaysie
You guys just made my day! Thank you so much for all your compliments! It really made me feel great (especially cause I am at war with a cake right now..... and the cake is winning!) I am constantly in awe of the work put out by CCers, and feel so special to be noticed in such a huge group of talented people!Kaysie
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