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I don't think that this cake is unreasonable. It says on martha's site that there is curd in between each layer which would definetly help with the dryness. Also, simple syrup on each layer would also do the same. As long as you aren't making the cake more than 8-10 hours ahead of time, this shouldn't be a big problem. If necessary, and if time allows, I wouldn't say no right away, try it out first, and cut into it at different time intervals to see how dry it actually...
what about a cake in the shape of a genie's lamp? or maybe a sheet cake with with a "magic" carpet on top, and aladdin and jasmine on top?
Why don't you do a snowboard, and you know how they have "stickers" and labels on them sometimes? You can put different designs on it, that incorporate his other hobbies/likes. So you can add in the logo of his favorite baseball team, and do paw prints, or an animal design if you didn't want to actually put animals on it.
does she know what she's having? if so... maybe you could so something like these announcements? It's a cute idea, and perfect for a sheet cake.
you can use the waterbased colors, but you have to add in a little bit of cocoa butter as well. Melt the cocoa butter first, then add the color into the chocolate. If you notice it seizing, add in a little cocoa butter, this will fix the seizing. If you don't have access to cocoa butter, you can use melted shortening as well.Another way to color chocolate is luster/petal well.
I've piped royal icing onto acetate, and need to transfer it onto a cake. I want to transfer it onto fondant...has anyone done that? Is it possible? I am thinking I can push it into the fondant and peel off the acetate, and then perhaps go over it again? It's a very intricate design, so I'm not sure I want to re-pipe. Probably should have thought of this prior to piping with royal. If anyone has any suggestions, I could really use the help Thanks in advance.
seeing your cakes, it looks like you're good with fondant animals and what if you did something like this... then between the two trees, you could put a baby in a hammock covered by the blanket? I was also thinking it would be cute if you did the hammock thing, with it tied two animals' tails, or something like that. ok...hope that atleast this will help you think of something
If you live in the Des Moines area, and are interesed in helping a fellow cake central member out, please please please, let me know My brother is getting married and I am looking for someone to bake my cakes for me. I am travelling from Atlanta, and have no way to bring the cake, I do have access to a kitchen to assemble, and decorate the cake, but need someone to bake it. I am looking for a 16", 12", 8", and 4" rounds, in an almond pound, or almond cake. I have a good...
I would suggest two things... one you can make a fbct or chocolate transfer and set it up in a slightly concave bowl so that it has the curve to fit on your helmet. OR I would say cut out the general shape from fondant, paint the details, and place on the helmet directly.
They look good, some of them have ruffled petals and some don' there a reason for that? Also, some of petals don't wrap all the way around covering the yellow. You would say you can use them, but my question would be what you charged for them. It's the kind of thing where they look good, they could be better, and depending on what they were charged, you should or shouldn't use them.
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