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I always use DH cake mix and haven't noticed any sort of change but I ALWAYS put about 2 tsp or so of marangue powder in my mix. My decorating instructor said that that was a bit of insurance in case the active raising ingredients in the mix have been exposed to extreme temperatures during shipping or storage and are no longer working. I haven't had any trouble with cakes not rising since.
I find that my buttercream crusts much better with the new trans-fat-free Crisco. I guess different recipies have different results.
Yep, 2006. I remember because it's the first yearbook that I ever bought.
Yes, they do. I'm sorry that I don't know what number it is offhand though. It's flat on top with several round holes in it.
That's the craziest thing! I definately want to know how this turns out.I'll admit that when I got married I thought cake prices were high. I knew nothing about decorating at that time. BUT I certainly didn't get all snotty with the decorator and insult her! I also didn't decide to try to make my own cake and then ask to borrow her stuff.Turns out I won my cake in a drawing that my caterer had. If I'd only known then what a true gift that was.
When in doubt, dowel!Yeah, you might get away with not doweling if you aren't going to be moving it. But do you want to take the chance?
I love that cake! I had to see the commercial a few times before I could even remember what it was for.My husband got yelled at yesterday for changing the channel while that commercial was playing. He looked at me like I had three heads when I yelled at him. I said "she was DECORATING a CAKE!!!!!"
Strawberry would be good. With sliced fresh or frozen strawberries mixed in with the filling. Yum!
I just want to say "ditto" on the thank you's! This is an awesome site! I've learned more here than I have from any other cake decorating site out there.
I think you need to go much higher than that. For just cakes in those sizes, I charge at least 20 each (and that would be per layer for the 9x13) with buttercream frosting and decorations only. That puts you at 80. Then add the cost of the other supplies (dowels and other non-edible decorations).I'd say a cake like that (which is really 4 cakes plus extras) would be worth a minimum of $85 - 95.
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