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I have been asked to bring cupcakes to a big family gathering where there will be a celebration for one person getting her MBA degree, another getting her CPA, a couple of summer birthdays and a 4th anniversary and a 6th anniversary.     Need ideas on how to make all of this work on cupcakes.  They don't all have to be the same, but I can't think of a clever way to highlight the different occasions and not have a jumbled mess, lol.     Party will be Labor Day...
Thanks, all. I was wondering if the styrofoam or icing mound w/flowers would add enough weight to the cake that it would have to be supported additionally.Lots of great ideas, thank you. I guess next time I should use wires at least in the large flowers. Just kind of winging it.
I'm making some fantasy gumpaste flowers for a 6" top tier of cake. They want it to be a full mound of flowers covering the whole top. How do I get them high in the center to look like a half ball?The cake is buttercream. I'm afraid if I just pile up a giant blob of bc in the center it will move all over the place in transport.OOPS, forgot to add that I didn't use any wires Any suggestions?Thanks.
Thank you! Unfortunately I had to make it before I saw this and I made a 10". Hope it all fits, looks like it's going to be tight.Your cake is terrific!
Has anyone made a chessboard cake? I want to get the chocolate molds to make the chess pieces but the cake only needs to serve 25.What size square does this cake have to be (minimum) to fit all the pieces?Thanks.
I have had the same problem. Drives me crazy, too. I once made Elmo character cookies and each one had a dimple in the nose. Frustrating. Sometimes I take a toothpick and go over the area to make sure the icing is adhered evenly to the cookie but even though it helps some, I sometimes still get the dimples.Sorry I can't be of more help but wanted to let you know that you are not alone.
Great ideas, thanks everyone.Jeanne, your custom designed table is super!
I am about to replace a table in an area where I do my hobby cake decorating. I'm torn between getting a regular 30" high table with a chair or a 36" counter height table with a stool.Is there a preference among you as to which is more comfortable?
There won't be any cake, just cupcakes. They expect 150 guests. How many cupcakes will they need?
I have never seen a box that high. The cake boxes I have are only I think 5 or 6" high. That's a great size box for a tiered cake!Thanks everyone for these helpful responses!
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