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What is the best way to put real strawberries into a buttercream filling? How small should they be diced? How gentle do you have to be mixing them in. Any tips would be appreciated!
How perfect! I love the gift idea! And the tags, that is great! Thanks so much!
I am making a cake to serve about 22 people. There are three people whose birthday will be celebrated - all adults. One is my friend and her husband and one of their friends. I know my friend, but she is very laid back and happy with anything. I don't know the other two very well, and I've asked her a number of times for ideas for this cake - theme, colors, anything to get me started! Not knowing hobbies or likes, etc. I'm stumped! What would be some ideas for a general...
What is the lemon WASC recipe? I can't find it - or a regular one for that matter
I've noticed in the past couple of months there are a lot more hostile, aggressive, and plain un-kind attacks on other people here on CC.This has always been a great place for cake decorators to support one another, learn from each other, and share ideas. It seems that the harsh world of angries is creeping in.... it's everywhere else, and with the number of members growing here (wonderful!!!) I think it's coming our way!!!So... I hope we can each do our part to think of...
When I was delivering my daughter, I was terrified of having an apesiotomy. The doctor who delievered her was named Zambonie-Cutter.
The cake gremlin must be married to the the one who steals only one sock from each pair, all the pens and scissors in my house too!
I am looking for a recipe for a good strong lemon flavored cake - one that is moist and lemony. I would prefer something easy that I could make cupcakes with. Anyone have a favorite?
I only wish my disaster was that nice!!! When mine cracked, it really cracked.But even Duff says there's a back to every cake, and that they will camoflauge their cracks, holes, etc. with extra flowers - and Bronwyn showed her 'emergency fix' box on a wedding show. It happens to the best of them (us)
Sorry, but I love Costco cakes .And, really, from the tone of a lot of posts, I can see why non-cake makers could see us as snobby. On the negative side, we really should be more patient with people, and kind. It's okay if a cake's not as good as ours. We shouldn't expect everyone to always order OUR cakes - be happy for whomever the event is for, and compliment those who put work into the event.On the positive side, again , be patient with those who don't know about what...
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