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Wow! Looks like you guys have your work cut out for you. When are you hoping to be done? I can't wait to see the finished pictures! My boyfriend and I have been wanting to get new cabinets, flooring, fridge, and stove in our kitchen (he's quite the handyman as well--lucky me!), but the money's never quite there. We got a new dishwasher last year, and with our refund this year we're getting a new stove, but that's it. Well, keep us posted and good luck keeping your...
Oh, how frustrating! I haven't printed the coupon yet but if it does say items (plural), I'd have to complain to corporate too!
Yea! I didn't know about it. I have a sick baby at home and haven't paid attention to the outside world (besides her pediatrician). Thanks for the info. Stephanie
Yea! I'm going for my first time this year. But, I can't go until Sunday. Anyone that's ever the cakes remain on display the whole time or can the entrants remove them at their own discretion? I'm so excited...I'm not entering this year because I barely have enough time to practice once or twice a month these days, but maybe next year. Good luck to those who are entering. I didn't realize there were so many fellow Oklahomans on CC. Stephanie
I'm in OKC but have never heard of Midwest Baker Supply...I looked them up in the phone book when I saw this post. Can you tell me a little about them? Are they reasonably priced on their items etc.? Thanks!Steph
Wow! How gorgeous! I bet the bride was truly delighted. Doesn't look like you really need to take the classes anyways. Good job! Congrats on having one under your belt! Oh, and how long did it take you? Was it super nervewracking?Steph
Ditto what other posters have recommended about bringing something to carry your flowers home in and what DianaMarie said about using your extra icing to continue making flowers at home. Course II teaches you SO many flowers that I'd definitely recommend practicing at home if you can. Also, each week as we learned our new flowers, my instructor would tell us how many of that flower we'd need to bring for our final cake and if you wait until the end, like I did, to make...
I think a 12" with an 8" top layer generally looks best. JMO, though. And like Reenie said, the 2-9"x13" will work for the slab to feed 50. Good luck! If you get nervous, do some trial runs before the final cake for the wedding. Practice makes perfect, right?!
Rolled BC all the way! I've tried both...the MMF was easier for me to work with than the rolled BC, but definitely prefer the taste of the Rolled BC much more! I haven't tried these on cookies yet though, mine were on cakes. Good luck though!Steph
I didn't take chemistry ... Can you tell me what this clamp stand system is or how it works? Sounds interesting. And, hey, if it works, it works...I think it's more ingenious than crazy.TIA,Steph
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