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sorry, this may be ignorant, but can Crisco be used?
Does anybody know how many people the baby buggy Wilton pan cake will feed?
I made fondant for the first time the other night with the rolled fondant recipe on CC - It was quite sticky so I just tried the one in Collette Peters book which doesn't have any crisco in it and has 1 1/2 T of glycerin instead of 1T - Haven't tried rolling it out yet but hope it will work - Has anybody else used this?
I have two small kids and it is so hard for me to find time - I usually do it at night after my little on is asleep! My four year old actually likes to spin the cake board when I'm doing the icing!
I desperately need ideas for my grandmother's bdy cake - She's 70 something - I was thinking something floral - and preferably buttercream - I don't think she would like fondant - I would love pictures of any ideas - or post here!
thanks so much! Ya'll are great! Susan94 - yours is great - how did you make it?
Can anyone give me directions on how to make the teapot cake?
glucose is the exact same thing as light corn syrup? The corn syrup is so much cheaper!!! is this right?
I recently made my first batch of fondant with a recipe that called for light corn syrup instead of glucose - It was really sticky and stretched when I lifted it - Any ideas? Has anyone made this with corn syrup? I'm new!!!
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