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WOW! Amazing job! I made my cake too - the fact that it's not on here says all you need to know I still think I would do it again, though. Congratulations!
I actually didn't enjoy the Wilton classes, I took course 1 & 3. I didn't finish course 3. I have learned more on Cake Central than I ever would have learned in class! Plus, they make you buy a lot of products that I haven't used since, and my teacher actually was upset when I brought in supplies that weren't Wilton. It was tube of piping gel, for crying out loud!Also, check out the local library for books on cake decorating...I have found great ideas from them, and the...
I've always wondered about this too! What other kinds of fillings do you all use? I've used buttercream, cookies and cream, sweetened whipped cream - but I wondered what else is popular? When you say filling, are you talking about puddings, mousses, fruit - I'd love to know!
Thanks so much, everyone! Indydebi - your way makes so much more sense! And I will have to get a cake cutting comb - My little cake server just wasn't "cutting it"! heehee.Although it surprises me that you should have to take mmf decorations off to serve it cleanly. It seems such a shame.
I made a cake for a baby shower yesterday, and when I went to cut it, I had such a hard time! I had a 6", 2 layer and an 8", 3 layer tier to cut. I was trying to cut it as the Wilton guide suggests, but the pieces were falling apart and we couldn't get them onto the plates looking like well, a piece of cake! I had to cut bigger pieces just to try to keep it together.Also, the fondant decorations were still soft when I put them on the cake, but I couldn't cut through...
I used it once to cover a board, and it did tear when we cut the cake. oops.
Something I've never quite understood is would someone selling say, jams and jellies at a Farmer's Market - would they also be subject to the same licensing requirements? I always figured that when you buy something from a "bake sale" environment you are assuming any risk as the buyer. I bring this up because I've considered renting a booth and selling baked goods seasonally, but haven't actually researched it. Anyone know?
Kate Sullivan has a book called Kate's Cake Decorating, with the Eiffel Tower cake instructions in it. I got it at my public library - it has the template for the eiffel towers. I love that cake!
WOW! These cakes are amazing! I haven't made that many unusual cakes, but I think my favorite so far was the pirate's map cake I made for my nephew. It was exciting for me because it came out like I had pictured in my head - and that never happens!
How sweet! That is really neat he called you. Makes it all worth it.
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