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How about a sheet cake covered with light brown sugar to look like sand and do a small sculpted cake on one side of flip flops and a lei on the other side of the cake. What a fun theme!!
I love the idea skichic68 had with the John Deere and having the decorations attached to the back of it like the just married stuff on the back of a car. You could do a sheet cake to look like a lawn and makes small flowers to look like a garden but have the grown flowers spell out Love - each letter a different flower. Lots of good ideas on this post - good luck deciding what you'll do - you need to post a picture of your final product.
I need some ideas for a teacher retirement cake. He has taught for over twenty years and is a non traditional teacher. I am thinking of doing a tiered cake (2 tiers) with a traditional layer (i.e. rulers, apples, chalkboard, bells, etc.) and a non traditional masculine layer. Any ideas?? Always interested in the ideas people have on here!
I think you did a great thing. I can see it now as anyone comments on the beautiful cake she will tell the story of everything you went through to get her flowers to her. The client and everyone she tells will remember what you did and it definitely could mean lots more business, terrig007 is right. Word of mouth is sometimes underrated. GREAT JOB! So glad you found her.
I have made batches of icing from time to time that have come out grainey I had used the Crisco shortening and did probably mix longer than I should have - I even had a batch of icing come out looking like oatmeal. I do this as a hobby too and try to keep costs low but have definitely found that the hi ratio shortening is well worth the cost. I only use the hi ratio shortening now and I use sugarshack's buttercream recipe. I charge my cakes out at cost and just keep in...
Did you get the mixer? What store was having such a great deal!?
What do you know! I have my next cake planned exactly this same way - I just couldn't decide if the same size for the small ones would work okay. Thanks a BUNCH!
Ok - I haven't been doing this long but I should certainly know the answer to this question but I don't - I think I might but... What guidelines or rules do y'all go by for a cake board size? If the cake is 8" use an 8" board or 10" or does it depend if you are using a decorative stand or base? I appreciate everyone's input as always
Does anyone have any tips for creating a flower cascade onto a cake for royal icing flowers? The cake isn't stacked but each tier on a seperate cake stand. I welcome any advice!!!
My KA does the same thing - I was cleaning it last night and I thought I was going to burn my finger on the metal attachment cover - it made two large batches of icing and it got SO hot! I hope you LOVE the new mixer. You'll have to keep CC posted on how great it is!
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