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this has happened to me more than once, i'm sorry to say. i have not been able to figure it out for certain. am thinking it has been related to too much icing underneath. i hope to learn from your question as well.
thank you so much, was just what I needed! patty
am doing a football helmet soon. have seen some amazing ones in the galleries. does anyone have a good tutorial on how to do one? thank you
have been searching for a chocolate recipe and am so happy to have found this discussion! can't wait to try it tomorrow. is there any particular chocolate cake mix you recommend? am thinking of doing an "oreo" cake--2 layers of chocolate cake, one white in between. want to do an oreo filling. i'm traveling with this cake to my niece's graduation, need an icing that can take the trip, maybe some heat in the car. thinking about the basic crisco bc. saw an oreo filling...
am trying to break out of the box a little and try something other than yellow or chocolate cakes to decorate with buttercream or bc plus fondant. thought chocolate chip might be a good start. anyone have a good recipe for one that would work well with the icing? because i don't have much regrigeration room i stay away from meringue bc's or fillings that require refrigeration. thanks in advance! ...
i'm going to do a graduation cake. would like the top to be a cap. any suggestions on the best way to do the cap and tassel? thanks.
i'm thinking about giving the sps (cake support system) a try. I am wondering about one thing. if the plates come in set sizes--8", 10 " , etc. what do you do about shrinkage? my cakes usually shrink a fair amount . can anyone who has used this system advise me? thanks, patty
i use satin ice and it tastes great! if i'm using it on a cake my daughter keeps getting into the bucket to get a bite. you should give it a try. patty
alicia,i remember i did scoot the middle tier after i placed it. never knew not to do that. thank you so much for that info!
thanks. it will help a lot if I can figure out what the problem is. i think my support was weak
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